The Elusive Dark Web

A lot of us have heard of the “Dark Web” or may have heard jokes about selling things on the Dark Web, but do you actually know what it is or why you should care? The Dark Web is a portion of the internet that is not indexed by search engines and not accessible with a simple Google search or normal means of browsing. The Dark Web contains hidden websites with masked IP addresses that require a special web browser to access, therefore inaccessible to the normal internet user. 

Since these websites are so difficult to access, it typically allows its users to stay anonymous. This anonymity is why the Dark Web is so often used by criminals to buy and sell valuable information. These sites are filled with personal data like account information, social security numbers, passports, driver licenses, etc. If your personal information or information from your company has been compromised, there’s a chance that it is available on the Dark Web and now everyone involved is at risk for identity theft and fraudulent charges or account use.

The results from breaches of personal or company data can vary from minimum to extensive. You may see no immediate result because your data is somewhere on the Dark Web, but not currently being exploited. On the other hand, it can be extensive and extremely expensive to recover from. Additionally, if your company has been breached it can be detrimental to your success moving forward. Many companies have to spend large amounts in their efforts to recover from the breach and their reputation is often permanently tarnished. Obviously, this is something no one wants or even expects to happen to them, but the reality is that cybercrime is growing rapidly, and it would be beneficial to take steps to protect yourself or your company from being exploited on the Dark Web.

Some simple steps to take to protect your valuable information is to use strong passwords and change them periodically. Do not use networks that are not secure and be careful of over sharing information. Staying informed of data leaks is also helpful in order to be aware as quickly as possible if your information is compromised. However, the best way to prevent your information from being sold on the Dark Web and having to deal with the consequences, is to have consistent monitoring. Dark Web monitoring allows for proactive efforts to keep your data secure. With a monitoring service, you don’t have to worry unknowingly, and you will be alerted quickly if your data is compromised. This investment in protection up front, will often prove to be a very smart financial move when you are able to prevent exploitation on the Dark Web and minimize financial damage.

Remedi Security has the tools to monitor the Dark Web safely as well as implement other cyber security measures to protect you from being the victim of cybercrime. Reach out today for more information on how we can protect you!