Complete Security Services

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External and Internal Pentesting

We help your organization identify real exploitable attack pathways into servers, networks, and web applications by performing testing services.

24x7x365 Manage, Detection and response

Whether you have limited staff and budget resources and need assistance with basic security services, or you have a team of security professionals in need of strategy guidance, Remedi is ready to help.

Firewall Administrator

Remedi’s next-generation managed firewall services create a secure IT network by consistently managing your firewall defenses and keeping your firewalls properly configured as your IT environment evolves.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities could include misconfigured firewalls, exploitable DNS configurations, out of date and unpatched software and unencrypted login credentials. It is important to identify these issues before criminals do.

Patch Management

By proactively monitoring the assets in your IT environment, your business operations are protected.

Offsite Backups & Disaster recovery

Remedi enables businesses of all sizes to adopt comprehensive business recovery and continuity solutions that are cost-effective while guaranteeing compliance with regulatory standards.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Remedi’s next-generation endpoint security solutions leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent advanced persistent threats and malware, protecting devices from compromise.

Enterprise Email Security

Remedi’s enterprise email security solution prevents phishing, malware, spam, imposter email, and other forms of bad content so the organization is protected from malicious attacks and potentially risky behaviors.

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