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Cybercrime is not a new phenomenon, but it is certainly a growing one. With our world steadily relying more and more heavily on technology and the digital landscape ever expanding, there is more opportunity than ever to expose weaknesses in infrastructures. Even those with protections in place are not able to fully protect themselves from the evolving types of cybercrime happening today. 


This exponential growth has led many companies to outsource a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) in order to keep their data secure or to set up proper security measures after an unfortunate breach. This third-party entity is hired with the sole responsibility of monitoring and managing the security of a company, so they don’t have to. 


Our top three benefits of hiring an MSSP are below:


1.    The company can stay focused on the company


While most companies have internal IT teams, these employees are often not as extensively trained on security measures and also simply do not have the time or resources necessary for complete protection. These IT departments are already tasked with running the day-to-day needs of the company and its employees. This is where a MSSP is beneficial in their ability to be more thorough and responsive.


2.    MSSPs save you money


Without proper management and monitoring of security measures, there is a high risk of an attack. These attacks can vary in type, but the outcome often has substantial consequences across the board. Based on the severity of the attack, work within your company can be hindered for several days or weeks, negatively impacting progress on any current projects. It could also hinder people from accessing your site, platform or service which is not only losing you money but also losing your customers trust.  This loss of trust can be even more costly if investors become aware of the situation and no longer feel they can trust your company as a smart investment. All in all, an attack will not only cost money to fix but it could also cost profit and investment opportunities in the long run.


3.    You can feel safe knowing your data is secure


With an MSSP working to keep your company safe you can rest easy knowing that you are being responsible with your data and doing your due diligence to keep your customers information safe as well. Your MSSP is a highly trained expert that should know the latest threats and the best ways to protect against them. They often have many years’ experience protecting people from cybercrime and also cleaning up the mess quickly when they are hired after the fact. Whether it is vulnerability scans, managing firewalls, setting up VPNs or system updates your MSSP will have you covered.


To learn more about how Remedi Security can protect your company please reach out at sales@remedisecurity.io.