Don’t Treat Cyber Security Like An Option

It’s our mission to help all of our clients use technology securely so they can get business done without cyber threats getting in the way. Our team at Remedi Security Charlotte NC focuses on security solutions so our clients can continue focusing on reaching their business goals.

Managed Security Services

You already have a lot on your agenda, there may not be room for mastering cyber security. The experts on our team at Remedi Security Charlotte can work as an extension of your security team. There are many different cyber security tasks that need to be attended to often, but you likely don’t have time to deal with it all. Luckily, our team has the skills and experience to keep your network secure.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a safe test that is also a form of hacking. It is used to expose any weaknesses in your network that hackers could attack. This process can help educate any business about security issues and threats that put their network at risk.

Virtual CISO

Every one of our clients has a different goal in mind with the network they use. The security program that a smaller company needs in place may not be right for one of the larger organizations that we work with. With the virtual CISO program, we can develop and execute a plan that is tailored to our clients’ specific security needs. Since every client has different demands, this program can help strengthen their security program and deliver expert insight and support.

Why You Should Choose Remedi Security Charlotte NC

We want to make sure every network you use is completely safe and secure. Our team uses the most innovative programs to limit cyber security risks. They have decades of experience and know exactly what it takes to keep your software and technology safe. Each member of our team bases their final decision for the security program on what is proven to limit risk every time.

There is no other team in Charlotte that can compare to our level of security knowledge. Here are some of the other advantages of using Remedi Security for your Charlotte business:

Expert-Level Security Consultants

Every consultant on our team has been fully trained and certified. We have years of security experience and are familiar with the best route to take in order to create a safe online experience for your business. Your online security is important to us!

Relationship Centric

We take every client relationship seriously. Over the years as your business grows, we will be there along the way as part of your security team to ensure cyber risks don’t affect your business.

Thought Leadership

We are fully committed to keeping our Charlotte clients safe online. However, these experts don’t stop there. They want to share their expertise with other technology professionals across the country. Our team is well-known for attending industry events so we can educate and inspire others.

Effective Solutions Tailored To The Client

Every organization should have security solutions that are tailored to their needs. Our consultants will thoroughly design a custom program and put it into place for your organization. During the process, they will carefully ensure that everything complies with safety guidelines.


Do Security Risks Affect Your Business?

Any type of security risk could affect your business. This is why every organization should have a customized IT risk management program set up for their own online safety. When it comes to risk management, you always need to be on guard. Nobody understands the need for quality cyber security more than the expert consultants at Remedi Security Charlotte. We know exactly what steps to take in order to identify a risk, assess it, and respond to it the right way. 

Before we begin developing your safety program, our consultants will provide insight into how effective it really is. This helps many types of organizations because the program also makes it easier to understand policy and control decisions.

Prepare for information security risk

Conduct the information security risk

Communicating and sharing security risk assessment information

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What Else Can You Expect From Remedi Security Charlotte NC

Our consultants are dedicated to making sure every client has a safe online experience. The safety programs we provide cover a wide range of different security services and solutions to help our clients stay safe. These are some of the things you can expect from Remedi Security

  • Security Automation
  • SOC Overview
  • Managed SIEM
  • Endpoint Security Solutions
  • Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Evaluation
  • IT Audits
  • Security Training

Remedi Security Charlottte NC: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if I’ve been hacked?

    If you believe you have been hacked, you should stop using the system right away. When a system is compromised, continuing to use it will host a spot for attacks to be launched within your network. Always check for financial or any other type of loss because this should be reported to law enforcement right away! After dealing with law enforcement, you should start to think about a plan for security, which is where Remedi Security Charlotte can help.

  • What’s the difference: Penetration testing vs vulnerability scanning?

    A penetration test will act as a hack in order to exploit any weaknesses in your network. The difference between the two is that a vulnerability scan isn’t invasive to your system. Instead, it interrogates the network to track down any weaknesses in the software or configuration.

  • How can I stay safe from online phishing?

    People should always be on guard for phishing scams, especially when making purchases or doing anything else online that requires sharing personal information. In most situations, a phishing scam will appear just like a trusted and well-known website. A lot of times they will look identical. One way to tell them apart is that the phishing site will often offer a deal that sounds too good to be true. Often, phishing can be avoided by only giving personal information to a site you know is trusted.

  • Can I still run my computer without an antivirus or anti-malware program?

    This is one of the biggest risks any computer owner can take. You should always have a reliable antivirus/anti-malware program installed on your computer because new viruses are created every day. Even mobile devices need protection. Antivirus/anti-malware programs are your devices’ best weapons of defense against viruses before they can do any damage.


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